Bill Cromwell



I was born in 1963 and have loved classical music for most of my life, beginning with listening to Peter and the Wolf  and Scheherazade with Mom and Dad.  My grandmother was a pianist, and Liebestraum was one of the pieces I heard sitting beside her on the piano bench.

Next was a life changing experience singing professionally for four years with the Columbus Boychoir of Princeton, New Jersey.  

Years later, I managed to graduate from Shepherd University with a degree to teach secondary English.  Beyond that, I received a masters in English from Shippensburg University.

My wife, Gayle, and two kids, Adam and Paige, and I have lived in Fort Loudon, PA for twenty years.  I've been teaching 8th graders for almost thirty.

In Radio

Bill posing at the WWCF tower hours before The Third Floor debut in July, 2015.

Since I was a kid, I've been a fan of all kinds of radio:  Old time serials, classical music (of course), foreign stations, AM stations from distant locales late at night, public radio . . . the magic of a voice and programming coming to me over the airwaves.  In 2015, I approached a local public radio station, WWCF 88.7, and launched The Third Floor, and it was  a tremendous learning experience.  In early 2019, I made the move to WRGG 93.7.  Now I broadcast live every Sunday morning from 8-11.

The Third Floor

Bill with Maestro Robert Trevino

The vision for The Third Floor is a simple one:  play a wide range of classical music which encompasses choral, vocal, and instrumental works.  Most classical stations only play instrumental, with specialty programs like Sunday Baroque or the like or a one hour choral program once a week.  This always frustrated me.  There is an extraordinary depth to classical music that spans the globe and stretches across centuries.  For three hours, I endeavor to share that with my listeners.  

The show is called The Third Floor because I imagine a third floor in some grand home, an upper level above the domestic, where you'd find a study, a library, a studio, and a music room,   It's a place for contemplation, learning, exploration, reading, thought ... and attentive listening.

The Future

No time like the present, even as I look to the future.  I'm trying to build an audience and hone my broadcasting chops.  In a perfect world, The Third Floor develops into a network successful enough to attract sponsors.  While that's happening, I land a part-time or full-time radio gig on a classical station and drink deeply from the well of retirement!